Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Updates and Other Stuff…

For the time being I won’t be doing any more reviews of discs. I have a ton of discs in backlog at the moment and would rather enjoy watching them and not worry about the drudgery of having to do review of each one. At the moment I’m having a lot more fun writing about my trips to Japan, so I’m mostly going to concentrate on that.

I do have a couple of other things I am going to write about, however as per usual circumstances will dictate if I do that or not. Plans for this stuff are rather flexible to say the least. I suspect I will do a couple of reviews of stuff I end up watching anyway.

I am constantly umming and ahhing about restarting my other long abandoned blog about old forgotten anime English adaptations, anime magazines and anime music video compilations. I think I’m more on the side of restarting it, but again we’ll so how that pans out. I also want to update a couple of old websites that have been dormant for the best part of a year (or more).

The problem at the moment is that I haven’t felt engaged in fandom for a long time. Certainly the elements of it I used to engage in are slowly being wiped out. The home video market has recovered slightly, but places like Fandom Post don’t have the amount of people on the forums like Anime On DVD. Other places I used to frequent are dead or have little activity. I chalk this up to older fans moving on (i.e. leaving the fandom) or jumping to social media like Facebook which I really have no interest in joining.

The other problem in my life is that my anxiety is getting to me again. I have no idea why this is. It comes in peaks and troughs, it’s never constant. Last weekend I was seriously considering going back on medication. Sometimes I wish I could exit from society altogether. A lot of things revolving around me and society as a whole is doing my head in at times. Yes, this is probably the Asperger’s kicking in. Still, it’s a battle at times.

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