Monday, September 29, 2014

Reviving the Blog…

I sort of had my doubts, but here I am temporarily resurrecting this old blog. In the space of the last 30 months or so, I’ve been a bit busy. Work has been relentless, I started a new blog elsewhere (which unfortunately has been on hiatus due to work for about six months), did two trips overseas and the home front has been slightly chaotic.

But the main reason I shut down my blog was to do with a certain group of religious right winger loons posing as feminists, and the unwanted attention I received from them. So in self preservation (for both myself and my employment) I shut the blog down, even though I kept my anonymity. I despise the underhanded tactics they use to silence criticism of their little group. As a result I have deleted everything in reference to them off the blog as well as other anime related material I have republished elsewhere since I closed the blog.

Everything else remains as it is. I am refocusing a bit more on non-anime stuff and my life in general, but rest assured, anime will be the main topic of discussion here. The main aim of this blog is to get myself back into writing on a regular basis, which I haven’t done much of in the last half year or so. Plus I think right now I just need a bit of an outlet to get my ideas out (and comment on anime and not be chastised for my views because I am not at one with the hive mind). I’ve tried Twitter, but it’s mostly just noise will very little substance. The nosiest and most relentless message wins. Screw that for a joke. So baring my impatience with the formatting in Blogger, here I am back again, albeit possibly for a limited time. So read my nonsense if you want to, if you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

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